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C&C has been a reliable partner in the supply chain for more than 100 years.

The merger of two pillars of Chinese printing, Commercial Press (est.1897) and Chung Hwa Book Company (est. 1924), combined to form C & C Joint Printing Co., (HK) Ltd., in 1980. Eight years later, C & C Joint Printing became one of the Sino United Publishing (Holding) Group members, upon its founding in 1988. For more information on our group watch the video.

C+C Connect is a joint cooperation of C&C Offset Printing, C&C Security Printing, and C&C RFID. Our international clients appreciate the extent of our expertise, not only as supplier of RFID tags and inlays, but also as packaging printer. Our production sites in China and Hong Kong also offer security printing. We provide customized label solutions including RFID and anti-counterfeit security features. By combining different security procedures we can ensure maximum protection for your brand.

Founded in 2006, C&C RFID is the result of the combined expertise of C&C Joint Printing, an internationally renowned printer, and Shanghai Fudan Science & Technology Industry Holding Company. C&C RFID was one of the first Chinese players in RFID and obtained the Chinese label of best manufacturing performance in the RFID industry. The CIITA RFID Alliance China awarded us the gold medal in 2010 to reward our contribution to the development of RFID tags.

2006   Establishment of C&C RFID Shanghai

2010   CIITA RFID Alliance China awards gold medal for our development of RFID tags

2012   Built Antenna Anechoic Chamber, extending the product lines to include both HF and UHF

2014   Opened C&C RFID Shenzhen

2015   RFID Shenzhen output reaches 130 million within a year

2016   C&C RFID Shanghai and Shenzhen total output reaches 420 million per year

2016   Opened showroom in Shanghai demonstrating retail solutions and EMS

2017    C+C Connect offers services from all 3 main C&C business units: RFID, Offset Printing, and Security Printing


C+C Connect is qjoint cooperation of