NFC / iBeacons

Push messages.
Connect with customers.

NFC tap-to-info
Near Field Communication can push messages with a simple tap or wave of the smartphone within 20 cm of the NFC tag. These tags or stickers can be incorporated in packaging, a point-of-purchase display, or virtually anywhere you can place a sticker. With a tap or wave of the smartphone, the consumer can launch an application, open a website, and receive contextual, meaningful recommendations, advertisements, and coupons. It is so flexible that a second tap could push a different promotion, and the messages or offers can be changed dynamically in the cloud. No need to recover the merchandise and change the stickers.

iBeacons animate indoor spaces
Subtle and unobtrusive, C+C Apple certified iBeacons can be placed in any location to send out push notifications to Bluetooth enabled smartphones. The low energy Bluetooth radio signals sent by C+C iBeacons can be read within 45 meters of its location. Its precise location based service permits the smartphone app to recognize the position of the phone and proximity to an object or product for push messaging. iBeacons are suitable for use in a wide variety of such as shopping malls, department stores, museums, airports, car parks, amusement parks, outdoor events and festivals.

iBeacons Retail store application

  • Welcome message and promotional offers pushed to customers when entering the store.
  • Real time recommendations based on consumption patterns and history as customers walk through different departments.
  • The iBeacon updates customer’s transaction record for future review.


iBeacons Airport application

  • Passengers receive updated information such as flight time, check-in counter, boarding gate and updates such as boarding calls, gate changes or delays.
  • C+C iBeacons help the passengers find their way to boarding area, cafeteria, shops or service points.
  • Passengers can receive offers and promotions when passing through a designated retail area.

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